Our Plants

Our plants are all grown by us! Plants are started from various stages, whether by seed, unrooted cuttings, or small plugs. We take the time to carefully plant, water, fertilize, and nurture these plants in our very own greenhouse. They are grown in an industry standard one gallon pot and will be shipped to you that way.

We also have an option where you can buy these same plant in bareroot. They are the same plants we would sell in a container, except we knock a majority of the soil off the roots. This makes the plants and boxes lighter, resulting in cheaper shipping charges.

pot-height-w-logo.jpg  pot-width-w-logo.jpg

Your plant will ship to you the same way they look in the greenhouse. You will receive the plant, growing media (soil), pot, and plant tag. The same plants we sell at our physical store are the same ones we will ship to you! 



 We are grateful to Walters Gardens, Inc and Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc for sharing their plant knowledge and photos with us. Photos on the plant pages are copyrighted.